Emergency Room Error Leads To Wrongful Death

Emergency Room Error Leads To Wrongful Death

Recently, a jury awarded a woman $4M in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The wrongful death trial focused on an emergency room error and the consequences of failing to follow the appropriate standard of care. In this instance, the man arrived at the ER complaining of chest pains and feeling sick to his stomach. Although, according to the lawsuit, the standard of care in this instance calls for ruling out cardiac problems and ordering blood tests to determine the correct diagnosis, the attending physician failed to take such steps. Rather, the man was sent home and told he had a "stomach bug" or "stomach flu." Two days later the man died.

The jury determined that the doctor was negligent and found him responsible for damages totaling $4M.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been harmed as the result of negligent medical care, consulting with an experienced San Diego medical malpractice attorney is critical to determine your next steps.

Emergency room errors and diagnostic failures are a leading cause of serious, and often fatal, medical errors. In fact, because emergency rooms are often chaotic and crowded, many times patients go to the ER with serious conditions only to be discharged shortly thereafter with the wrong diagnosis or no diagnosis at all. Further, the chaos may lead to deadly mix-ups, with patients receiving the procedures or medications. Numerous errors can occur in the ER if physicians, nurses or other hospital staff fail to follow proper protocol and ensure the pace of the ER does not cause them to breach the appropriate standard of care.

For more information or if you or someone you love suffered harm as the result of care received in an emergency room, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and compassionate San Diego emergency room error attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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