Jury Determines Delay In Delivery Led To Birth Injury

Jury Determines Delay In Delivery Led To Birth Injury

In the majority of situations, the labor and delivery process goes smoothly and without complication. However, even under the best of circumstances, emergencies can arise. In these instances, doctors and other health care professionals are relied upon to recognize symptoms of distress and act quickly to avoid a birth trauma. Many times, an injury could have been avoided, or the severity of an injury lessened had the health care professionals acted quickly to diagnose and resolve a problem.

Recently, an Ohio jury determined that an attending obstetrician was negligent in failing to act quickly enough to deliver a baby, and that this negligence caused the infant's brain hemorrhage. According to the lawsuit, as the result of delays in delivery, the boy now suffers from cognitive delays, visual impairments and cerebral palsy. The jury awarded $14.5 million to the mother and son in this medical malpractice lawsuit in order to pay for the costs of a lifetime of care.

If you have questions about birth injuries or believe that you or your child suffered an injury as the result of the medical care received from a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional, we urge you to consult with a San Diego birth injury lawyer right away.

In the recent birth injury case, the woman had a history of pre-term labor – her previous child had been delivered at 32 weeks. In this instance, she went into labor initially at just over 24 weeks. Doctors were able stop labor, and released the woman. However, her water broke a couple of weeks later and she went to the hospital. Despite having discussed the need to have a cesarean section, the attending obstetrician failed to perform this procedure in a timely manner, according to the lawsuit. Further, the attending obstetrician also failed to recognize signs of fetal distress, which warranted immediate action.

The baby was delivered several hours later and had suffered a brain injury. The Ohio jury determined that the doctor's actions constituted medical negligence and found in favor of the family, helping them to pay for a lifetime of medical costs associated with the care of their child.

For more information or if you or your child has suffered an injury as the result of a medical error, please contact the experienced San Diego medical malpractice lawyers for an immediate consultation.


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