Surgical Error Exposes Neurosurgery Patients To Incurable Brain Disease

Surgical Error Exposes Neurosurgery Patients To Incurable Brain Disease

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times discussed a terrifying incident at a North Carolina medical center. According to reports, 18 neurosurgery patients in may have been exposed to an incurable brain disorder as the result of the failure of the center to properly sterilized the instrument after operated on someone who had the disease.

While the Medical Center apologized for the error, and noted that the risk was "very low," such surgical error should never have happened, and extra precautions should have been taken. The disease – Creutzfeldt-Jakob – is an incurable disease that causes difficulties controlling movements, vision and memory. Once symptoms manifest, a patient typically dies within 6 months.

If you or a loved one has been placed in harms way as the result of a surgical error, we urge you to consult with an experienced San Diego medical malpractice attorney right away.

The L.A. Times article reveals that the North Carolina incident is not the first time patients have potentially been exposed to the deadly brain disease. In 2011, 17 patients in Georgia received a confidential settlement after up to 500 patients had been exposed at Emory University's hospital.

A representative of the patients noted, "To have this worry hovering in people's minds and to have them obsessed with the disease for years to come is a high price to pay, and an unacceptable one, to not use a little more sterilization."

Although some question whether they want to know if they have been infected by this fatal disease, as explained by a commentator, "It's not the hospital's prerogative to withhold information … People are entitled to that information to live their lives differently if they want to."

If you or someone you love has been harmed by a significant hospital error, we strongly encourage you to contact the compassionate and dedicated San Diego medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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