Shoulder Dystocia May Be Prevented With Proper Delivery Techniques

Shoulder Dystocia May Be Prevented With Proper Delivery Techniques

A recently issued medical report found that utilizing a variety of techniques the incidence of shoulder dystocias can be reduced. Among the findings include inducing labor at 37-38 week for suspected large fetuses. Large babies are at risk for a number of adverse outcomes – such as shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia is a serious obstetrical complication that can lead to lifelong injuries. It is often the result of difficulties at birth wherein the baby's shoulders are too large to fit through the birth canal and become stuck behind the mother's pubic bone. Thus, rather than the body emerging following the head, and the baby's neck retracts and medical intervention is necessary to deliver the child.

Some difficulties that may arise include significant shoulder dystocia, clavicle fracture, brachial plexus injury, brain damage and death.

A number of factors may increase the likelihood of shoulder dystocia including previous shoulder dystocia's, diabetes in the mother, obesity in the mother and the size of a mother's pelvis,

The new study found that by inducing labor 2-3 weeks early, the incidence of shoulder dystocia decreased.

While not all birth injuries can be avoided, many warning signs exist that point to an increased likelihood of shoulder dystocia. The failure to pay attention to known risk factors or to take appropriate action when shoulder dystocia occurs, may be evidence that the doctor acted negligently, and give rise to a claim for medical malpractice.

Where medical malpractice causes a birth injury, the child and his or her family may be able to recover damages to help offset the need for a life time of care.

For more information, or if you believe that your child has suffered a birth injury as the result of negligent medical care, please contact the dedicated San Diego medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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