Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed based on Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed based on Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Representative Steve LaTourette -A former Ohio Congressman - has announced that he is planning to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the federal government. News reports that LaTourette has alleged that because of serious – negligent – mistakes by Tourette's doctor, his pancreatic cancer spread, and his prognosis worsened. He is now seriously ill. Had his physicians promptly informed LaTourette about a lesion they discovered on his pancreas, which ultimately became a tumor, he could have had a relatively quick recovery. Instead, he is suffering from cancer and, according to reports, likely to succumb to rapid physical and cognitive deterioration.

A delay is diagnosis often means the delay in critical and necessary treatments, leading to the worsening of a disease – even death – especially where cancer is involved. A delay in diagnosis is a common form of medical malpractice. This can happen as the result of several types of preventable medical errors such as failing to obtain the appropriate reports, failing to follow up on reports or scans, or failing to communicate results to the patient.

In this instance, reports indicate that LaTourette had been hospitalized two separate times in 2012 for pancreatitis and gastrointestinal pain. However, while MRI scans taken at the time showed a lesion and the radiologist recommended follow-up, the congressman was never informed of the recommendations or the results. Had LaTourette been informed of the scan results, he would have sought treatment sooner the claim asserts.

His lawsuit will seek several different types of damages, including past and future medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

For more information, or if you believe that you or a loved one has suffered harm as the result of a delay in diagnosis, please contact the experienced San Diego medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLp for an immediate consultation.


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