The Failure to Diagnose and Treat Maternal Infections May Lead to Serious Birth Injuries

The Failure to Diagnose and Treat Maternal Infections May Lead to Serious Birth Injuries

When a woman is pregnant, the failure to detect a maternal infection can have dire consequences not only for the mother but for her unborn child as well. As a result, obtaining thorough and competent prenatal care is important to reduce to risk of complications arising. During pregnancy, the mother's immune system may be weakened, and thus making her more susceptible to infections such as strep, rubella, urinary tract infections and syphilis.

Identifying and treating these infections as soon as possible is critical. The failure to diagnose and treat these complications may present dangers – leading to birth injuries that could last a life time. In certain situations, prenatal negligence may constitute medical malpractice.

For example – a common infection is Group B streptococcal septicemia (GBS) – if this infection is not diagnosed in a timely manner and properly treated, the infection may be passed along to the child, leading to developmental problems, hearing loss or meningitis.

Further, rubella (formerly known as German Measles) can have devastating consequences. These may include developing cerebral palsy, hearing and vision problems, brain inflammation, developmental delays, congenital heart disease, stillbirth, miscarriage, and diabetes later on in life.

Another dangerous infection is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection most commonly caused by contact with parasites found in certain raw or under-cooked meats, cat feces, and soil. Toxoplasmosis can be transferred to an unborn baby, resulting in the risk of intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, and blindness.

Due to the severity of risks involved, competent and thorough prenatal care is necessary. The failure to provide adequate treatment may constitute prenatal negligence. For more information or if believe that you or your child suffered harm as the result of prenatal negligence, please contact the dedicated San Diego medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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