Traumatic Brain Injuries May Be Caused By Negligence or Violence

Traumatic Brain Injuries May Be Caused By Negligence or Violence

A jury is now deliberating the case of a California man who is accused of fatally shaking his son to death. The brain injury case involves a man from Oakland Park who allegedly violently shook his baby into a coma from which he never recovered. Doctors have testified that the child suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that could only have been the result of the child being shaken.

According to an interrogation several days after the event, the father denied intentionally harming his son, but recalled that he noticed that the boy had stopped breathing so he called 911. He initially commented that he may have been too aggressive while performing CPR but later admitted shaking the boy out of frustration with his crying. However at trial, he asserted that this confession was given out of distress.

TBIs may occur for a variety of reasons but generally are the result of a sudden sharp blow to the head. Situations that often lead to traumatic brain injuries include car accidents, sports injuries, birth injuries or as alleged here, shaken baby syndrome.

While the more severe situations may result in death, other symptoms of TBIs include the loss of consciousness (sometimes just a few seconds), or no loss of consciousness but experiencing extreme dizziness or confusion. Additional symptoms may include headaches, difficulty sleeping, and mood changes.

When these symptoms arise as due to another's negligent – or intentional – harm it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit for damages, in addition to potential criminal charges. Speaking to an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney right away is important to determine your best options and your next steps.

For more information, please contact the experienced San Diego personal injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.


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