Medical Malpractice Alleged for Homemade Vaccines

Medical Malpractice Alleged for Homemade Vaccines

A recent medical malpractice case highlighted the various forms medical malpractice can take. In the recent matter, a doctor was sued after several patients complained about the physician's use of homemade vaccines. The allergist created unapproved oral and nasal vaccines to treat children suffering from allergies. According to reports, the physician used the home made vaccinations made out cat urine and vodka for nearly a decade. In addition to the failure to use approved vaccines, the doctor failed to warn his patients of the risks associated with not taking approved vaccines.

With more and more Americans electing "alternative medicines" for treatment and prevention of illnesses, the field of medical malpractice is seeing the emergence of different issues. Alternative medicine includes practices that don't rely on traditional Western medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and reflexology. Like "traditional" medicine, those who provide alternative methods of treatment must comply with the same standards of care required of all health care providers. However, the relevant standard may be adjusted depending upon the type of care given.

Further, California law has specific guidelines that all those practicing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) must adhere to. This includes providing proper disclosures and obtaining the necessary informed consent.

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