Doctor charged with murder following fatal anesthesia error

Doctor charged with murder following fatal anesthesia error

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is being charged with murder based on a lethal anesthesia error. According to reports the patient, also a doctor, was given an excessive dose of Demerol during a cosmetic procedure. Shortly after surgery, the patient suffered cardiac arrest and died. Charging a doctor with murder is unusual, but not unheard of. Typically, when doctors negligently administer anesthesia, whether in too great of a dose or the wrong type, or any other type of anesthesia error, the patient or surviving family members may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. The injured party and/or his family may be able to recover damages to compensate them for the harm caused by the doctor’s medical errors. In some situations, the doctor may lose his or her medical license.

Here, the doctor is charged with murder. Prosecutors have also asserted that he injected himself with narcotics during the procedure. While unusual to charge doctors with a crime, it is not unheard of. In 2015 a L.A. County jury determined that a doctor was guilty of second-degree murder for recklessly prescribing drugs to patients after three of her patients overdosed. Likewise, in 2011, Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Michael Jackson. He had prescribed Jackson a surgical anesthetic that led to his death.

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