Medical Misdiagnoses May Lead to Catastrophic Harm

Medical Misdiagnoses May Lead to Catastrophic Harm

The first step to ensuring you receive proper medical attention with the best likelihood of a good outcome is getting an accurate diagnosis.  Whether you’re experiencing shortness of breath and are concerned about a possible heart attack, or serious headaches and wonder if you may have a brain tumor – seeing a physician is critical in determining the next steps in your care.  Similarly, receiving a clear and accurate diagnosis of potential complications is critical in determining the course of treatment you wish to pursue. 

A recent medical malpractice birth injury case showed just how devastating the wrong information can be.  In this instance, a pregnant mother was pre-eclamptic.  Her care givers informed her that her baby would likely die/be stillborn.  Thus, the woman decided to pursue a vaginal delivery without fetal monitoring rather than have a Cesarean Section.  The infant was delivered at 25 weeks without a heartbeat.  However, after taken to the NICU, she was revived.  Unfortunately, she has sustained permanent brain damage, and now has cerebral palsy.  Had she chosen instead to have a c-section and been monitored more closely, it is possible that the severity of her child’s injury could have been lessened.  However, due to the negligent medical care and advise, the woman made a choice to follow a different delivery path, and as a result the child suffered permanent, catastrophic injuries.  In this instance, the jury awarded the family over $200 million, a substantial portion of which will go towards her future medical care.

Proper communication with your health care team is critical in receiving the care you need and deserve.

For more information, or if you believe you or a loved one has received negligent medical care, please contact the dedicated San Diego medical malpractice lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson for an immediate consultation.


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