Safety protocols lessen maternal deaths

Safety protocols lessen maternal deaths

Across the country, the maternal mortality deaths have risen in the last 20 years. While hospitals and medical professionals may attempt to place much of the blame on the failure of the mother to seek appropriate medical care, or that the mother had health conditions that put her at a higher risk (such as being overweight or diabetic), a recent study showed that numerous factors were implicated. In fact, one of the key factors that increased a woman’s risk of a poor, potentially fatal, outcome was the hospital she went to deliver.

Studies reveal that certain hospitals have much higher mortality rates than others. Several factors affect this rate, including the number of cesarean sections performed, the training of the staff, whether proper protocols are followed when emergency conditions emerge, such as post-partum hemorrhaging.

Where the failure to follow established protocols and standards leads to harm to the mother or child, it may be possible to file a claim for medical malpractice.

Fortunately, California maternal deaths are on the decline. This is due in large part to emphasis paid to implementing plans and procedure to reduce mortality rates, including prenatally, during labor and delivery and in the short-term thereafter.  Nonetheless, it is important to research the hospital that will deliver your child. While we would like to believe all patients receive the same level of care, statistics have shown that at certain birthing centers and hospitals, the risks of a poor outcome are significantly higher than at others.

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