Hospital Visits Safer Early in the Day

Hospital Visits Safer Early in the Day

If you want to decrease the likelihood that you’ll be a victim of a preventable medical mistake – don’t go to hospitals in the late afternoon!  Instead, book you doctors visits and surgical appointments first thing in the morning.  A recent study concluded that just like other workers, doctors, nurses, and medical staff fall victim to the same “afternoon slump”, becoming tired and sluggish mid-afternoon.  However, when medical personnel are fatigued, the results can be catastrophic.

According to a recent study, the rate of errors at 4 p.m.  is more than 4 times as high as at 9am.  example, the study found that for procedures beginning at 9 a.m., anesthesiology errors occurred at a rate of 1%.  However, for procedures that take place between 3 pm and 4 pm, the rate quadrupled to 4.2%.  The studies Types of mistakes include anesthesia errors, surgical errors, and even prescription errors.  One observer noted that communication errors skyrocketed, as one set of care providers is tiring, and the shift changes are occurring, details concerning follow-up care and other crucial patient details are often missed.   

Knowing these risks, hospital administration and medical staff should take steps to improve hospital safety and create protocols to alleviate risks caused by caregiver fatigue.  However, in the meantime it may be wise to proactively protect yourself by avoiding appointments in the later part of the day.

However, in the event you are harmed by a medical error, whether due to doctor exhaustion or other reason, speaking to an experienced San Diego medical malpractice attorney at once is necessary to protect your rights.  For more information or for an initial consultation, please contact the dedicated San Diego medical malpractice team at Bostwick & Peterson.   


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