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Medical Misdiagnoses May Lead to Catastrophic Harm
Medical Misdiagnoses May Lead to Catastrophic Harm

The first step to ensuring you receive proper medical attention with the best likelihood of a good outcome is getting an accurate diagnosis. Whether you’re experiencing shortness of breath and are concerned about a possible heart attack, or serious headaches and wonder if ...

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  • Failure to Diagnose Case Nets $1.7

    Doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals may make medical mistakes in a wide-variety of situations. Unfortunately, depending on the ...

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  • When should I talk to an attorney if my baby suffers a birth injury?

    When birth injuries occur, often the effects and the impact on a child are unknown. Parents may be aware that complications occurred – an infant may ...

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  • Jury Finds Excessive Traction Caused Permanent Spinal Injury

    Recently a jury awarded $40 million to the family of a young girl who suffered a severe birth injury. When birth injuries occur, the results can be ...

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  • Children who suffer birth injuries may require a lifetime of care

    In a recent birth injury lawsuit, a 6-year-old girl and her family were awarded just over $40 million. The child suffered a spinal cord injury during ...

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  • Failure to diagnose may be medical malpractice

    Legal news reports that a woman has filed a wrongful death case against a federally funded medical clinic located in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles ...

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  • Rate of Unnecessary C-Sections Varies Among Hospitals

    Over 1 million babies are delivered via cesarean section (C-section) each year. However, most women if given the choice would prefer to deliver ...

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  • Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Could be Devastating for those with Birth Injuries

    Fortunately, the vote on the Republican Heatlh Care plan has been delayed. If passed, the plan could have devastating consequences for those born with ...

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  • Diagnosing Birth Injuries

    After a difficult delivery, many parents are left wondering whether their child has suffered a birth injury, and if so, what are their next steps. ...

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  • Zika Virus Continues to Spread

    In the wake of the Zika virus outbreak, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is calling on California and 10 other states to begin testing their ...

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